Street Art in Barcelona

El Xupet Negre


With a name that translates as ‘the black pacifier’ in Catalan, El Xupet Negre’s distinctive logo can be seen all over the city. Since he first exploded onto the street art scene in 1991, El Xupet Negre has attracted widespread interest and curiosity, helping to define Catalan street art in the nineties and into the modern age.

El Pez

street artists barcelona el pez

A world-renowned street artist, El Pez (‘the fish’ in Spanish) uses his trademark smiling fish figure to spread some colour and playful street art around the city. His self-proclaimed ‘happy style’ is hugely influential in the Barcelona street art scene, so much so that he was featured in Banksy’s brilliant street art documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.


street artists Barcelona Konair

An enigmatic up-and-coming street artist, Konair has made it his mission to conquer the city with his iconic ice-lolly logo. One of the young, rising stars of the Barcelona street art scene.


street artists Barcelona Akore

Akore is well known in the street art scene for his colourful, powerful and expressive Afro graffiti, mostly depicting female portraits. His style is unique in the city and has taken on the name ‘Afrocolour’.


street artists barcelona btoy

Born and bred in Barcelona, Btoy (real name Andrea Michaelsson) is one of the most exciting female street artists to have emerged in recent years. Her striking stencil works portray historic, famous and courageous women from the world of music, art and popular culture.

Me Lata

street artists Barcelona Me lata

A street artist couple dedicated to keeping romance alive in an ingenious way. Their decorative love messages, written to each other and spelled out with coloured cans stuck to walls and fences, are displayed at random points around the city, inspiring others to express their romantic side.


street artists Barcelona Bronik

Bronik is another exciting figure in the female street art scene. Originally from Peru, her artwork is full of symbolism, poetry and mysticism. Her distinctive turquoise and green colour scheme sets her apart.

Art is Trash

barcelona street art art is trash 1

With an ingenious humour to rival Banksy, Francisco de Pajaro aka ‘Arte es Basura’ is one of the most inventive street artists currently on the Barcelona street art scene. Using anything from abandoned trolleys to discarded cardboard boxes, he turns unwanted rubbish into coveted works of art.


street art zone

“It’s all about bombing art!” says Zone about his style and motivation. You can see his explosive works of art in the Poblenou and El Gotic areas of Barcelona.


Street artists barcelona chanoir

Chanoir originally started art in the streets of Paris, where he created his little ‘cha’, with means ‘cat’ in French. After making waves on the Barcelona street art scene he moved to South America, where he popularised the European street art style.

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